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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Political Poop

I am to the point that I am so very, very sick of hearing anything politically related. Don't get me wrong, I think it is VERY important to know what is going on and knowing where you stand on a given area, but things seem to be getting ridiculous!! Nothing really new. It's always been like this. I think I have just totally had my fill. Both "sides" are driving me CRAZY!!!
Anyone that is dogmatic in any area; for any "side" has totally been getting on my nerves lately. It has just started making me nauseous!! And I think the tactless joking is just that... TACKY. For instance, those of you who know me well, know that I am republican through and through, but a man at my church showed me this print out that he thought was hilarious; it's target being Obama (whom I'm not a fan of)... but it was just tacky, offensive and I thought it was pitiful that someone who calls them self a Christian would even find humor in something like that. It made me mad. I don't like Obama. Didn't vote for him. BUT COME ON!!! If you are going to "attack" the man, do it with some grounds; some decency; with a little intellect.
I'm so sick of hearing personal slams. STICK TO THE ISSUES. No one even really cares about debating issues anymore. It seems to be how bad can you tear down your opponent. I think everyone loses in this scenario. AND it makes every one look like a bunch of dumb... donkeys!!!
Alright. I'm signing off my soapbox.

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