Being a mom, wife, sister, friend, amatuer blogger, crafter, wanna-be super hero... and enjoying the adventure that comes with it!

a little bit about me

Who am I? Well....

I'm just a southern gal married to an incredibly wonderful man. The only man I have ever loved (apart from my daddy)...yeah, sappy, I know. I am a mother of two energetic kiddos. Family is #1 and always will be in my book!

I'm a daughter of a preacher/pastor; a PK (preacher's kid) if you will. Always have been! My dad has pastored for more years than I have been alive. I have recieved SO many stereotypes because of this, but really, I'm just me. Plain and simple.

I have three sisters; no brothers. All of our names begin with "K" and our middle names begin with "L". My mother was a firm believer in causing confussion. =) Me and one of my sisters carried on this confussion and began each of our children's name with the leter "K".

I love music and I sing and play the piano and guitar. Music is a big part of my life and always has been. I have a very wide range of favorites... You could say I have a very eclectic tastes.

I'm a born again Christian... I love my Lord, Jesus Christ, with all of my heart!... I love to read!!... I can be a bit of a nerd... I have been called "weird" on more than one occassion in my life... I have naturally red/naturally curly hair... I have an addiction to Peach Rings (YUM)... I once introduced myself as, "Hi, I'm Kandy. I'm easy" an didn't mean it the way it sounded =)... I love my friends and have some of the greatest friends in the world... I'm a talker... I LOVE to blog... =) Welcome to my world! Take your shoes off and stay awhile.