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Friday, March 19, 2010

Casulties of War...I mean Working Out

I'm a pretty tough cookie, I'd like to think. Growing up, my sisters and I were pretty much tomboys; climbed trees, caught frogs, played sports. I never even had a broken bone. As an adult, I've still enjoyed certain sports that aren't for weenies; racquetball, tennis, volleyball, softball. NOT TO MENTION I have given birth to two children. So, yeah, tough cookie could apply. Until now...
At one of my favorite classes at the gym (Boot Camp) I pretty much stamped a BIG 'W' on my forehead for WEENIE!
Let me set it up for you; I'm there. I'm sweating. I'm in the zone. We are doing some step aerobics and as I step OFF the step, down I go. And I just don't fall like normal people, I do a sort of flailing as I go down. There is a weird sharp pain in my left ankle and I think, "Maybe no one saw me"... yeah, right!
So, as the instructor politely comes over to check on me, I think I can shake it off and try to stand up and get back in the game, but it is a NO GO!! I can barely put any weight on the thing. And, after further investigation, I notice swelling. GREAT! I sprained my ankle! I have NEVER had a sprain before. Yeah, I've TWISTED my ankle before, but that takes all of 2 minutes to get over. This is nasty, swelling, sore, achey, YIKES!!
So, at 33 years old, I have my first sprained ankle, a little hurt pride, and the WEENIE award of the year.

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