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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Level 1 Day 7

Ok, so I shredded today; that means I did the 30 Day Shred for those of you who have NO CLUE!! Felt great! I can tell the difference though with me not doing it for a week and a half. Even though I have been working out at the gym, the shred was still pushing me today with a vengence.
When I workout at the gym, I WORK OUT AT THE GYM. No "phoning it in", as Jillian says. I totally push myself to the limit. It is just that the Shred is a combo of strength, cardio and abs and I am usually consentrating on one thing at a time at the gym. So, that is why the Shred is always a challenge...a good challenge, for me.
Since I don't go to the gym on Wednesday, this is one of my Shred days. I really had to force myself to put the DVD in, but it seems that once I pop that baby in, I'm committed to finishing it and finishing it strong.
So, YAY!! Level 1 Day 7 of the Shred: CHECK!! Tomorrow will be 45 minutes of legs, butt and abs and then 60 minutes of crazy cardio!! Can't wait!! :)

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