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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, I tried it.... It WAS brutal!! LOL
But I'm soooo going to go again... It was a good sort of brutality.. I know I totally sound masochistic here, but I'm of the old school of thought, "No pain; No gain" I suppose...
The class's instructor is a machine. Seriously, the lady is AWESOME!! She didn't even look tired. I'm sure I looked like I was about to pass out!! But, I kept up! I didn't stop! I did have to take a water break which amounted to about 15 seconds. I felt a little light headed LOL... True statement.. I feel like such a WEENIE!!!!
Anyway, Boot Camp is CONTINUOUS. There is no stopping (ok, redundant, I appologize)... We started with some aerobic type warm up and went right into step aerobics and then into weight training (WOW!!!) and then some sports type drills. We even ran...not full out run, but we ran around our workout space...
So, the good news is, no one is having to plan my funeral; I didn't die! And I will be going back! I'm thinking about working it in maybe once a week... maybe once every two weeks until a get a little less "weenie-fied". But it is definitely a good workout! GREAT muscle toning workout!
As off being sore afterwards; this is day two after Boot camp and the only thing that is really SORE is my triceps and my hamstrings. I can feel that I got a good workout, but I'm not that painful sore that I thought I would have been.... It's nice to be surprised like that :)

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