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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving; MIA

I have a bone to pick with someone... All of those people who rush right out of Halloween and into Christmas! WHAT ABOUT THANSKGIVING?!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is one of my most favorite holidays!! It is such a wonderful, close family time. Not to mention THE AMAZING FOOD!!! But it never fails, right after Halloween, all of the Christmas stuff goes up in all of the stores and everyone rushes and pulls their Christmas tree out of the attic and up it goes... poor, poor Thanksgiving...
I get excited about Christmas too... I mean, I love when the radio stations start playing Christmas music and the smell of that holiday cinnemon fragrance that just smells like Christmas, but I think there should be respectful time allowance for Thanksgiving before you dive into all that is merry and bright!
The way we do it in our family is, the day after Thanksgiving, we start all of our Christmas gaiety...can you still say "gaiety" or is that politically inncorrect? Our tree goes up and all the trimmings, stockings, wreaths, nativity scenes, you name it! BUT only AFTER we fully celebrate Thanksgiving.
I know my method of celebrating and respectful "pause" between holidays is very unpopular, apparently, but MY WAY just makes sense... The year goes by too fast as it is, no need to rush it further... Stop and smell the turkey and dressing, people!!

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