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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Do you guys remember the Salem Witch trials? ... Well, I mean, I wasn't there, but I have read about them on numerous occasions. I have even caught a documentary on the subject a time or two on the History Channel. Anyway, I really EMPATHIZE with those poor women who lost their lives because the society they lived in feared anything that was "out of the norm"... Oh, how I'm thankful I have not been burned at the stake! :)
Ok, so what brought this thought to mind was the approaching Christmas season. WHAT?! Christmas doesn't make you think of women being burned at the stake?!! Ha! Ok, let me explain myself further before most of you decide that I have TOTALLY LOST MY MIND.
With the Christmas season comes all that has been associated with Christmas for so long. I mean, when I think of Christmas, I usually picture a nativity know, gold, frankincense and myrrh. The blessings of a saviour being sent to a lost and dying world....ya know..."Silent Night, Holy Night"... that is my thoughts...
For many others, their thoughts go straight to a fat man in a red suit who flies around in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. And ya know, that's ok. I have no problem with their thoughts going there... I couldn't really care less. That is their prerogative, so to speak. But when I choose to NOT LIE to my children and tell them that the fat man in the red suit is FICTION not FACT, I'M the one that is looked at like I'm an idiot....not the people promoting the flying reindeer. SERIOUSLY?!!! Since when did COMMON SENSE become replaced with plain ignorance?!
I teach my kids the TRUE meaning of Christmas and I when the subject of Santa pops up, we have told them that he is pretend...and its fun to pretend, so if they want to pretend, they can...but it is still just pretend.
So, why do the parents who choose to lie to their children get so mad at me? I'm not telling their kids that they are being fed a lie... NO! My kids don't even mention it.... Its no big deal in our house, so its not something that is up front in their mind to even say to another kiddo.
Let me give you a "for instance": While on vacation this summer, my father-in-law wanted to take the kiddos to Santa's Workshop at the "North Pole" in New York (near Lake Placid). IT was a fun theme park. We had a blast. But, one of the areas had a place where you could go and sit in Santa's lap and tell him all you wanted for Christmas. Well, we ran upon this little area and since Kaiden and I had been discussing the whole idea of "Santa" (because he continues to see "him" on TV, he was thinking he was real) as soon as Kaiden saw him, he said, "Look mom! I told you he was real"!! (I actually blogged about this in a previous blog) Let me tell you! The looks from the other parents.... think Salem Witch Trials... yeah...I'm surprised I got out there fully intact and without smelling of smoke.
Why, though? Why am I ostracised because I choose to tell my children the TRUTH?!!! In a society that pushes the rights of children so much and the protection of children (which I am TOTALLY FOR)...why do they think I am EVIL (say it like EVAIL) because I tell my children the truth?! I clearly do not understand this. I am in no way making a judgement call of the Santa pushing parents, why do they make a judgement call on me..the TRUTHFUL parent?!
I do believe that we live in the most hypocritical society that EVER existed. Maybe people are becoming more and more accustom to accepting and believing a fantastical lie instead of the truth because of the Democrates' practices in the White House.....Uh Oh!! That is a whole other blog post LOL :)

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