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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I do NOT understand rude people. I seriously canNOT get into their head. I just stand there with one thing standing out, bold, italicized, in my head....WHY? I mean, Seriously! When did it become "the thing" or acceptable to just be down right rude? Did I miss the memo? Was there a Pro-Rudeness meeting at town hall that I missed? It seems to be rather prevalent. So, there must have been some clearance given at some point and time.
Wal-Mart is a wonderful place to just go, sit and watch. For those of you with weak stomachs, I suggest you take something to hurl into. Because you will see many blatant acts of rudeness. I'm appalled really. At times I think I have become numb to it until I am the unwilling recipient of someone's rude behavior and then I am shocked and dismayed that someone would actually think its ok to treat me that way.
It ranges from elderly people who think all younger people are "whipper snappers" and out to get them so they are automatically hateful and crotchety, all the way down to young female adults who are still trying to hang on to some sort of prior claim to fame in high school and refuse to grow up and not act like a stuck up ...well, I really should not use that word here because I don't want to be ...RUDE! They seriously think that popularity means "I'm rude to everyone that deem lower than I"... bless their little, ignorant hearts.
I guess, in a way, when I really stop and think about it and take the anger out of the equation, I feel sorry for them. I would HATE to be in their sad, little, unhappy shoes. I mean, seriously, you can't be a happy person and treat the rest of the world like crap. You can't really feel "on top of the world" if you feel you had to step on everyone else to get there. So, I have decided, that I am going to give these types of people an extra dose of love. Maybe that is what they are lacking. I refuse to join the crowd. For those of you who know me well, know that I NEVER follow the majority anyway...I like my view so much better...(: I am right now, at this moment, abolishing the law of rudeness that was apparently set into effect without me knowing. I am also, not going to let it effect me. In the words of Mr. T., pity the fools (: and move on ...

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