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Friday, October 2, 2009

the ugliness that is jealousy

Well, this little rant is brought to you by YouTube. Or at least, that is what sparked this little fire under my hind quarters this morning. A little clip that I watched concerning one of the TV shows that I enjoy opened the flood gates of something that "gets my goat" quite often these days.
I followed a link from Twitter that took me to watch a fun little clip on YouTube. For those of you who are familiar with YouTube, you know that on the right hand side of your screen, there is a list of other clips that are in some form or fashion related to the clip that you are currently watching. This is where I found what irritated me.
I was watching a clip from YouTube with Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International and NOW Paranormal Rockstar (: Adorable little clip. From there I decided to scroll through some of the related videos, which, of course, had to do with Ghost Hunters. There were several that were claiming that Ghost Hunters is fake (I'm not even going to touch this. Its irrelevant to my rant) and others that Jason and Grant are just "lining their pockets" because of their fame. Ok...DUH!!!! They would be STUPID not to capitalize on their popularity. Why does this make them "bad" or "crooked" or "fake"? I don't understand where some people get off making accusations against other people just because they are "doing well". Who would not capitalize on fame?! Seriously!!! I would totally be finding all sorts of avenues to "cash in" so to speak. That is just playing it smart in my book.
Well, like I said, this opened the flood gates for me...BECAUSE there are people who are so miserable with their own lives they can't stand to see someone else happy, or doing well, or enjoying life. I have had people like this in my life, unfortunately. They would rather sit on their butts and complain about the world instead of getting up and making a difference. And then criticize the people who are getting up and doing their best to make a difference. The most common thing I hear from these losers is, "You (or they) just think they are better than everyone else"! WHY????? Because they don't want to wallow around in misery with you?!!! Seriously?!!!
Ok, I really don't know why that little YouTube video brought all of this on, but it is a quality in people that I find disgusting. Always seeing the glass as half empty. Always thinking someone else is "thinking" they are better than everyone else... Go get a life, people!!! Stop trying to critique everyone else around you. Get off your own critical, jealous butt and do something with your life!
Ok, that's off my chest...(: I feel so much better now... LOL

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