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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My new obsession!! I LOVE THIS BAND! They are amazing. I stumbled onto them by chance, actually. Someone posted one of their videos on Twitter today and when I checked it out it was love at first sight/sound. That post that I checked out was a YouTube video of Pomplamoose's rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"... and I LOVED IT... I wasn't impressed at all with the original by Beyonce, but that is just because that is not the style of music I like.
Here is that YouTube video for you to enjoy:
Their sound is just so smooth and the talent there is just outstanding!!!! I am so bored with artist (and I use that term loosely) today... I am really not seeing any talent that makes me want to stop and listen. So, you have to understand that when I heard this extremely talented duo doing their thing, I stopped AND listened!
Pomplamoose (which means grapefruit in French) is made up of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte. They do all of the vocals and instruments! Everything... And they are so REAL!!! Its fresh! And, after seeing all the dressed up, made up, fake, showbiz type "artist" in the music world today, they are like a drink of cool water to a parched throat who is tired of drinking the dry dust that is actually passed off as music today.
So, check them out!! You'll love them... And by the way, you can buy their mp3's (some are even free) from their myspace page:
yeah, I'm shamelessly promoting talent here (: Enjoy!

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