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Monday, October 12, 2009

guitar hero (:

Ok, as most of you who know me know... I LOVE MUSIC.... more specifically; the guitar.
I have played for a few years. Pretty basic chords, but I have enjoyed it and I play a lot for myself and others at church as accompaniment music for specials and such... Well, we now have a bass player at our church who really knows his stuff and last night we was teaching me bar chords. I am totally pumped because I have wanted to broaden my horizons so to speak with the guitar.
They are relatively easy to learn, so that is exciting!!! So, I am not dusting off my guitar (I have been using one of my dad's at church for a long time) so I can get a lot of practicing in. I need new strings and seriously have neglected the ol' gal. Yes, I hang my head in shame...
These chords actually make me work out hand and arm a little more and I am sore today from just the little bit of practice I got in last night... Wow!! that is just sad that my "guitar muscles" are that out of shape... but I am going to remedy that very soon.
Anyway, I am really hoping that I juggle in guitar practice with the other 15 million things I have going on these days. But I'm going to try (:

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