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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall is in the air

Something about Fall makes me so very nostalgic... I LOVE FALL!!!!

It has been rainy and dreary for the past few days and that is the perfect setting for prompting my urge to write... Something about rain does that to me... AND Fall in general brings out the writer in me LOL... So, I figured, I really need to update my blog.
School is back in full swing now. My adorable baby boy has now started Kindergarten. WOW!! Wake up call: MY BABY IS GROWING UP!! The first day of Kindergarten was a big deal. The night before, I basically cried myself to sleep. I could not turn off the flow of snapshots in my head of all my "baby" memories. And, the infamous first day was also a tear jerker. I did wait until I returned to my vehicle to let the water works start.
Kaiden was excited!! His first day, he was such a big boy; didn't cry once. The next day was another story. He had no idea that we was going to have to go back...So, the rest of the week was insane for both of us. We both cried...again, my tears were saved until I was out of sight, but he cried and had to be pried from my legs once.
Poor Kensey took it hard as well. Between seeing her brother cry and then her mama bawl her eyes out in the Jeep, she didn't know what to do but cry too... Bless her heart. She cried for her "Bubba" a good hour after we dropped him off.
I am proud to report that now, we are all pros at this Kindergarten thing so far (: Kaiden is LOVING it!! He barely gives me a second glance now when Kensey and I drop him off. I don't have crying fits in the Jeep anymore... although, every now and then, something pulls on my heartstrings and I choke back a tear or two... And Kensey is really enjoying preschool and knows that her "Bubba" is just fine.
Speaking of preschool, I have a handful with my class this year. I have three kiddos who really try every aspect of my emotional, psychological and spiritual being... WOW!! I am sure that all FOUR of us will really learn a lot this year... I have nine students in my class and our director hired an aide for my room (praise Jesus!!!!) My aide, Mrs. Patty, asked me Wednesday, "How did you make it by yourself"?!! Yes, I just smiled and said, "I really looked forward to the end of the day". (: The majority of my class are great! And I LOVE my little challenging three...but do they ever drain my energy! We will get there though...
Well, that is pretty much a catch up on what is going on now... I am about to start a new book, Dan Browns "The Lost Symbol". Can't wait!! I've been looking forward to it.... I am currently reading The Last Disciple, one of my husband's books, and it is really interesting...
So, we'll see how I do with updating my blog these days... you never know ;)

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