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Sunday, September 20, 2009

death and the past

Death is such hard thing to explain to a child. We had my uncle's wife's funeral today and Kaiden has asked a thousand questions. He doesn't look at death as something permanent which I suppose is good... He just says, "Jesus already gave her a new body". I guess he is brighter than I give him credit for. He doesn't really understand the "sadness" of death yet. He hasn't experienced this feeling of loss. But it is refreshing to see death through the eyes of a child.
I am very careful about how I explain things to him. And I don't really correct him if he is off a little. Sometimes the way he looks at something such as death is much healthier than I do.

I have been in an incredibly nostalgic mood today. We found some of my old music cds in our shed while we were cleaning it out. Its amazing how a song can take you back to a time and a place and you're there! For that moment, you're there.
So sad that things have to change so much as you "grow up". The older you get, the further you go and the more things change. Sometimes its at an uncontrollably fast rate and you reach out and try to grab tiny little snippets of your past before they are entirely out of reach. Its hard to stop straining your eyes looking back and turn and walk forward into the unknown of the future. I'm very thankful that my past gives me "warm fuzzies". Such good times. I am also thankful that those tiny snippets of my past that I managed to grab are still close to my heart where I will keep them safely stored forever.

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