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Friday, April 3, 2009

Standing still is Moving backward

I am sooooo excited! Today is a new day! I will meet new potential customers and potential TEAM MEMBERS!! Woo Hoo!
I am doing the Pace Setters Challenges with my Mary Kay business and this two week challenge is to hand out 15 of my business cards w/ samples to 15 new potential customers. Well, I gave out one two days ago. Today, I was thinking, "WHAT"?! This has to be the easiest challenge ever, and I'm only 1 card into it?! Am I serious?! And the answer was, of course, "NO". I wasn't serious. So, I reevaluated how serious I was taking my business and my challenges. I was not seeing how powerful "connection" is for my business. Connecting with these 15 potential women that I can pour Mary Kay enthusiasm into...whether they recruit or not, Mary Kay enriches their lives. Who am I to withhold that from anyone. BUT, statistically speaking, meeting 15 new women is POWERFUL for my business. 15 new customers. 15 potential team members. I was not grasping how important 15 new "connections" would be for my business.
So, 15 (I mean 14) new customers, here I come. I am out to leave my pink mark on the world!

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