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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Is, is Busy Does...

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense, but anyway.....I am busy....
I have really kicked my Mary Kay business into high gear. Set some crazy goals that scare me. But, that is the only real way to stretch myself. I love it though. I am having so much fun, but I am really trying to hit it and hit it hard to reach all of my Seminar goals.
I just had a new recruit come on with me, Carrie. How exciting. She is a sweet girl and I see her doing well with her Mary Kay business. She was actually my very first Spring Portfolio Model and I shared the opportunity with her and she was ready. She signed two days later and is ready to rock and roll.
So, in addition to my regular "Mom" stuff and everything else that goes with family, church stuff, and school stuff, I am pushing my self to really do more with my MK. I really can't wait for Seminar this year!! So excited! And, its even more exciting when you are up there being recognized for your hard work.
So, I may be blogging even less than I have been (I know! Is that possible?!) OR...I could be so excited about my accomplishments, I just have to get on here and tell someone! A sort of "shout it from the mountain tops" syndrome :)
I love what I do! There really aren't a lot of people in this day and age who can truly look you in the eye and say that. I am so thankful that someone shared the MK opportunity with me!
Now to get out there and make my dreams come true....

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