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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Red Means Go"!

YAY! I am so excited! I just got my free Mary Kay ring tone from t-mobile, "Red Means Go"! Now every time my phone rings, I am reminded to keep moving and shaking with my Mary Kay business. How awesome is that?!
They told us about it at Career Conference and I, of course, couldn't wait to get it. It was just texted to my phone this afternoon and I didn't waste a second applying it as my ring tone for my phone.
I have a skin care class Monday night. Excited about! Brand new customers. I have never facialed any of these gals. AND the hostess is really interested in the opportunity. YAY, again...a potential new team member!! She is young (24 years old is young to me :P) and she was really interested. So, I sent her home with a recruiting packet and DVD, so tomorrow, we will set down before her party and finish out the interview! Can we say, "Rock and Roll"?! I think we can :)
What an awesome day!! I just had to sit down and blog it. Not only am I getting a lot down with my organization, but I got an awesome "pump me up" ring tone, and met with my hostess and potential recruit! Awesome day...
Speaking of organizing... I am implementing the KISS method, "Keep It Simple Sweetie"....LOVE IT!! I'm wondering why I haven't been doing this all along. I can't wait to sit down with some of my team members and show them this. Such a wonderful breakdown of how to organize our businesses. Wonderful thing about Mary Kay; everyone is so eager to share their successful methods of doing things. Mary Kay ROCKS!!!

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