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Friday, April 10, 2009

Follow Up, Follow Through

So, I am still really excited about the Pacesetters Challenge that I am doing this month. No, I have not totally finished the challenge, but I am getting there. If anything, this challenge is helping me with one thing that I have not been really good at, Following up and following through. Sometimes, I give out samples and then never follow up on them. Or, I get a great prospect and make a connection and contact, but then, I don't follow through and work full circle. SO, I am loving this challenge because it has really opened my eyes to the importance of this. The more I do it, the more it becomes my own and feels like a natural progression that is just second nature to me.
Its funny how you hear something over and over like "follow up; follow through", but it never really sinks in until you actually put it into practice. Its at that point that your eyes are really open to the incredible benefits that you have heard everyone talking about. I guess it may just take some of us longer to pick something up and incorporate it into our business. That is why I am so thankful for challenges like the Pacesetters that make us stretch our self and get out there with our business.
My new team member, Carrie, is rockin and rollin'! I am really excited about that. I talked with her yesterday and demonstrated how to turn a facial into a class. I told her to try it on her very next contact and then call me back and tell me how it went. Well, one hour later, Carrie calls me back excited about her new booking! How incredible is that?! I just love to have someone who is eager to learn and then actually takes the concept that she is taught and turns right around and puts it into practice. Wow! I am looking for amazing things from Carrie.
This week still continues to be a great sales week for me. Its Friday and I am still having orders come in. I could use weeks like this every week. I have been really encouraged at the fact that it doesn't take a lot of energy to get the ball rolling with your business....BUT IT DOES TAKE SOME ENERGY. No amount of sitting around and THINKING about action is going to produce anything. You have to take action and start the ripple. Amazing things can happen if we just take that step to success.

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