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Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Week

I had a really good week last week. Our Star Stage turned out really awesome. I'm including some pictures from the night. It was a lot of fun. Our turn out wasn't what it could have been. It seems to be really hard to get our unit together for some reason, but we have the same old crew that is usually faithful to show up and go up :) My almost new recruit went and she really enjoyed it. Charlotte will actually be signing today. I'm really excited about that. She is also really excited about getting started!!
I had a good sales week also. I could use more weeks like that every month. Just have to keep moving and shaking :) I'm getting closer and closer to hitting my star consultant status this month. That will be awesome to hit it before the end of the quarter...a month early! Rock it!!
So, not a lot happening yet today. But I did have an awesome week. Hoping to go see a movie tonight with Josh and some friends of ours. A Haunting in Connecticut is playing and I have wanted to see it for a while, so yay!

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