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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family Fun Day

We had such a great day today at my sister, Karen's house. First of all, it was just great to be able to be AT her house. We had some really bad fires in this area and they came really close to my sister's house. We evacuated them and just waited on pins and needles while praying very, very hard. Thank the Lord, the fires came no closer than six miles of their home. So, today was extra special to be able to be at their home.
We cooked out and had hamburgers and hot dogs and got so full we could hardly move. Then, all of the kids had an Easter egg hunt which was really fun. They enjoyed it immensely! This was Kensey's first egg hunt, so you know that I took lots of pictures. Kaiden didn't want to hunt eggs today. He said that he was tired of hunting eggs. Which, is probably true. He had a huge Easter egg hunt at school just a couple of days ago.
Kensey did very well and got a basket full of eggs that she was very proud of. She was so cute. She didn't know what to do at first, but following Daddy's lead, she caught on very quickly.
Then, just for some extra special irony to top the day off, we went in with very full bellies, laid on the couches and floor and watched the Biggest Looser which my sister has gotten us all hooked on. She TiVo's it so we can all watch it when we want to. So funny that we all probably just committed the sin of gluttony and then laid around to watch a bunch of obese people try to loose weight. Oh, sweet irony! LOL
It is so wonderful to just get together and hang out with family. We are so blessed to be able to do that. Little simple things mean so much and are what really stay with us throughout our life.

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