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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The BunkBed Chronicles

Ok, I know that the title sounds like some sort of preteen book series, but its not :-)
Josh is in the process of building bunk beds for the kiddos. Yes, building them...himself....what a handy man I married... We are not practicing for an Amish conversion or anything. Josh just figured he could make the type of bunk beds we want for the kiddos better and cheaper than what we have been looking at.

What is amazing about this whole thing is, I can't believe our kiddos are now old enough for their own set of bunk beds! Wow! My babies are too big for cribs...happened overnight, I swear! Kaiden has been sleeping in a "big boy bed" since he was two, but now its time for Kensey to move out of her crib and into a big girl bed. So, we were looking at the type of bunk beds that can transform into two twin beds.

Josh is really creative and handy. He has made tons of stuff for our home. From a beautiful chest for our bedroom to the booth-style bench around our dining room table (with hidden storage, I might add). So, he figured that he should just make the kiddos bed. I love the idea! So do both the kiddos (especially Kaiden).

So, I am going to chronicle the building of the bunk beds.....yes. Thought it would be interesting and fun....and well, I'm just random like that.

He has one headboard made. He ran out of material and since it is New Year's Day, everything is closed so he can't go replenish his wood supply. So, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.
So, until then...

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