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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Bunk Bed Chronicles - chapter 2

Well, Josh got his lumber today....that was an ordeal in itself. As soon as he and Kensey got back from Higgenbothems in Eastland he was gripping (I'm sure Kensey listened to him gripe all the way home too). Higgenbothems had a bunch of crappy wood they were trying to sell him. He was ticked. So, he got the best they had to buy and he was still not pleased with it.

He is awesome, however, and was able to make even some crappy wood look really awesome!

Kaiden is helping his Daddy make his and his sister's beds. So you can imagine how excited he is about that. He, like his daddy, love building stuff. He has helped Josh with just about all of Josh's creations. He is quite the little handyman himself. I added some pics of Kaid helping out...

The headboards and footboards are now finished...well, all except for being stained, but that will all come later. They look awesome! I am so proud of my hubby! He is really working hard on this project. It took several hours, but there was a lot going on too....had to take a break for the ice cream truck and stuff :-)

Yes, I did say ice cream truck. Today, January2, 2009, it was so incredibly nice today...had to be in the upper 60's or lower 70's. The kids were way so excited to have the ice cream truck swing by for them to pick their favorites!

So, stay tuned for the next chapter of The Bunk Bed Chronicles ...

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