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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Beauty of Junk

Ok, so, we have this old wheelbarrow that the previous owner of our home left. Josh and I didn't get rid of it because, one, we are pack rats and we hardly ever throw anything away (we are getting better though) and two, because we both thought that we may find a use for it. Well, three years later, it sits. We still have not found a use for it. Yes, we have thought of several uses, but alas, it sits.

Today, I was really in the mood to shot something artistic with my camera. Something out of the ordinary; out of the box, so to speak. I looked around, shot some various, non attention grabbing objects; bare tree limbs, rocks, nothing fascinating at all. And, there it sit, just waiting; the old, abandoned wheelbarrow. So, I made eye contact and though, "Hmm, there may be some potential here".

I dragged out the old thing, sit it in a good spot in the sun and looked it over with a critical eye. Not much to look at. Basically just a piece of junk. I went ahead and decided to look at it through my viewfinder just to see what it looked like. Not too bad. So, I shot it and checked it out on my LCD screen and to my amazement, it didn't look too shabby.

So, I grabbed a few more shots and then uploaded them to my computer to see what exactly I had. I was surprised to see that that old wheelbarrow was very photogenic. It was old, abandoned, forgotten and beautiful.


randa said... really may be a worse blogger than is time for an update my friend!

kandy said...

'Tis true *lol*