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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baa Humbug

I was feeling really grouchy today. My mom and I had an argument last night and that always seems to ruin my day. Everything is better now, but boy did I start out in a bad mood.
It is funny how much control we still allow our parents to have over us...or maybe this just applies to me. I am still really concerned with pleasing them. Just like when I was in school. That A meant even more because I knew it would please my don't go getting all Freud on know what I'm talking about. I still have a little bit of that in me. I still want my parents to be pleased with my decisions and my successes. I don't think that I obsess over it. It just feels nice to know that I have their approval.
I am glad that the rest of this day wasn't so "Baa Humbug"! I don't like feeling like an old Scrooge. I like to enjoy the day and be happy. So, looks like it is going to be a good day after all...

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