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Friday, June 20, 2008

This and that...

Well, what do ya know?...I'm blogging!

Seems like everyone is blogging these days. Guess I have to get on the band wagon.

I have been working on watermarks today for my photographs. How exciting! No, really, its exciting. I have been thinking more and more about my photography studio. I am ready to get started on it. There is so much to do though, it is almost disheartening. But, chin up! I have to start somewhere and somewhere is the beginning. The beginning is just so grim and non-exciting. The place where I am going to set up my studio is in shambles. It is in our "shed" in the backyard. We already remodeled about a 1/3 of it into an office and it turned out wonderfully. It is just so much work and most of it has to be done my Josh, my true and faithful sidekick! :-)

I am trying my hand at different types of photography. Black and white seems to be my favorite. My subjects (Kaiden and Kensey, my two beautiful children) don't always cooperate with me, so I have been parenting more and more and photographing less and less. Some days they go hand and hand, but some days not so much.

I am looking into getting some really great props. Props have turned out to be quite expensive, but I am finding "creative" ways to use everyday things as props. But some I am going to have to buy...the more specific type props.

So, I'm off to do more of that parenting I was talking about. Maybe my camera will find its way into the big mix too!

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