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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mind Your Manners - Blogging Etiquette

Mind Your Manners 1954
Makes me giggle that this book is specifically for Canadians"

This blog post contains venting...

I am, by far, no blogging expert.  Up to only a week or so ago, I had my faithful handful of followers who were a dazzling number total of 5.  But they are my followers and I love them very much and appreciate their loyalty to me.  It has only been recently that I discovered that I would even WANT to blog to a greater audience.  AND I discovered FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS, which, I might add, is amazing!!  Check it out HERE ... After I became a member there (only about a week or so ago) I have slowly seen the number of my followers grow.  It was at FTLOB that I was introduced to the BLOG HOP, which brings me to my post today; BLOGGING ETIQUETTE.
I find it rude when people visit my page and comment on a post with a copied and pasted comment.  I KNOW they did not even BOTHER to GLANCE at my post, but yet they feel the need to comment and post their blog address so I will visit and/or follow their blog.  Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks this is rude?!!  Maybe it's just the southern gal in me, but if you visit my house, I want you to come in, prop your feet up, have a glass of ice tea and visit!  Don't barge in, tell me to visit you and leave!!  That's just bad manners, honey!  BLESS YOUR HEART!
So, I believe that there should be a BLOG HOP ETIQUETTE 101... with the first lesson being how to visit another blog and leave a comment!!  I'm not here to gain the most followers.  I'm here to share a little something, bring a smile and maybe a little information now and again and to make and enjoy some fellow blog friends.  Please MIND YOUR MANNERS when commenting on my blog! 

Much love,


Samantha said...

You gave me a good laugh- I know exactly what you mean!

:) craftytexasgirls

S. Brykczynski said...

Okay, good manner required.
True of life and blogging :)

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em! People could absolutely use a lesson in blogging etiquette.

I've had posts where I'd be really opening up about something important..*(okay not SUPER important) but whatever...and someone would just randomly say...

Follow my blog @ ( don't have to hit them with hate mail!)

Glad to be a follower of yours!

Mad Mind said...

I have to admit I may be a tad guilty with the copy and paste. I do a hop on Tuesday that has a few people join. It's usually 75-80 on average. I have one line that is a copy and paste. It just says thanks for joining the Train. But I try to preface that with a comment on what the actual post is about and I never say follow my blog at.... I find that rude.

So I guess I'm one of those that is rude? At least partially.

CB said...

Copy and pasted comments KILL me dude!!!

Hmmm, I wonder if blogger etiquette include my excessive overuse of the word 'fuck'???

Oh well I am who I am I suppose!!!

Kandy said...

YOu know, I just want to say, "to each their own" which is my prerecorded response to people who usually don't see it my way, but this just annoyed the Shizzolli outta me and I felt it had to be said... and what better way than in a blog post...
Mad Mind, I'm not sure you would fit this category... I don't think I would consider your response rude at all ;)
CB - To each their own... LOL ;)

I'm Not a Trophy Wife said...

hi there- found you on a weekend blog hop. And,I have to admit I am a little giddy about getting new followers because it pushes me to write creative content (and to spell check). I'm a new follower here and would love the follow back. thanks for an honest post.

Kandy said...

Hey, Not A Trophy Wife, we must have been visiting each others blog at the same time... I just read about Owen =) and followed your blog =)

lindsay said...

hello love! first, welcome to ftlob :) we are so so happy to have you. each member means the world to us and we want you to feel comfortable!

after reading your post, i completely understand how you is irritating to say the least. if you notice that these copies and pastes are coming from other members of FTLOB please let either myself, vic or ashley know...obviously we can't stop everyone but if we can address it with the person directly more than likely they will stop and think about what they are doing!

yes, we all love followers, but genuine bloggers don't care about the "numbers" we want a loyal and truly interested audience :) thank you so much for taking the time to read about my journal project over at scenic glory...i would absolutely love to have you involved!

and yes, scanning is just perfect! if you feel comfortable with your journal and that is how you would like to express yourself that is just perfect. just shoot them over to me in an email :) and if you ever want to be added to the mailing list just let me know!

okay sorry for this lengthy comment!

it is so nice to meet you friend :)


Alida said...

I hear yah!! And just so you know I have a southern friend who says that 'Bless your heart' also means 'kiss my a**'. That is how I feel about those who leave the cut and paste comments and don't even read your post!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I am so glad to be follower number 20!

joy & blessings,

Kandy said...

Thanks, Lindsay!!
Alida, yes, "Bless your heart" has mulitiple meanings in the South =) And usually, yes, it means "kiss my a**" or "You're and Idiot"! LOL Gotta love Southern terminology ;)

Joelle said...

This is so true! I've been finding this out a lot lately too...and I had a vent sesh on my blog recently as well...It's seriously annoying and rude.

Sometimes I actually do visit these people's blogs, and they have hundreds of followers but have absolutely nothing interesting to say. You know that they only have followers because they copy and paste comments...ugh it's frustrating.

Thanks for saying something about it! Hopefully if enough of us do say something, people will stop being so annoying.

Oh, and I did find you through FTLOB Weekend Wander. I recently found them too, and I love it!


Debbie said...

I'm all about honesty. You go girl!

Kandy said...

thanks for the comments, ladies!! I see I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this ...

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Ah yes, I have been getting this a lot! It doesn;t sit well with me when I ahve put my time, energy and feelings into a post and someone comes by and says - new follower, come follow me!

Yes, I blog hop & I find blogs that way but I walsys take the time ro read a few posts and comment with actual thought about the topic!

Kudos for speaking out! :)

Obviously I am a new follower - looking forward to what else comes along from your blog! I fully appreciate your honesty & frankness!


Kandy said...

Thank you, Bernadette!!

well-to-do said...

Ha! Love it!!! Hear ya. I'm a new follower from Well to Do. Stop over and see us girls sometime!

Suz from