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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crafting all the way... HEY!

YES, I LOVE CRAFTS!!!  I love any and all things crafty.  Anything from throw pillows to rugs to hair accessories; I LOVE IT!  I have been making hair bows for my daughter for a couple of years now and for some reason, this has drawn attention to my craftiness and others have wanted me to make hair bows for their daughters.  Then, I really got into making "BIG GIRL" hair accessories, especially the vintage looking ones, and this has REALLY gotten attention.  A couple of people told me I should really advertise and make some money doing this... So, I thought, "Hey!  Great idea"!  I didn't even think about the fact that I have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.  I just created a blog and a Facebook and Twitter... then there is the glorious WORD OF MOUTH method, which is the best. 
I have already made a few sales.  I have no idea what I'm doing in the marketing aspect of things... And I haven't really taken the time to properly sit up for the photographs of products (*giggle*), but ya know; IT'S FUN!
These are my newest addiction:

I got this idea from Pren, here is her blog:  She is AAAAAA-MAZING!!  I love her style and her tutorials are the HEAT!  You can find her tutorials on YouTube here , Check out her "Talk To Me Tuesdays" TTMT =)

So, this is my VERY FIRST ATTEMPT at making these little cuties, so of course, there are several mistakes I see right off the bat... I've NEVER worked with wire before and that takes some getting used to.  But I'm determined to get the hang of it and have made a couple of really nice looking ones that I don't have pictures of yet.
So, this is what is keeping me busy... New craft addictions, working my way through the craziness of marketing and advertising and tweaking and perfecting...  I'm definitely new to these waters and I'm winging it on my own =)
I am WILLING to accept any advice, critiques and encouragement along the way, so if you feel so inclined... ;)



Pren said...

yay! thanks for the shout out! and those came out just great. really pretty colors. good work i knew you could do it :0)

Kandy said...

Thanks so much!!! =) ... and you're welcome =D

CB said...

Way cute hooker!!

Kandy said...

Why, thank you!!! AND I believe that is only the second time in my life someone has called me "hooker"! ROFL!!!! ;)