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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Handy Dandy Doo....

So, I'm still caught up on this "HANDMADE" kick!!  I would seriously LOVE to hand make EVERYTHING I possible can... I have already tried my hand at handmade very FIRST attempt of looking at a pattern (reading it was trying to read a foreign language), and actually producing something out of fabric, thread and my sewing machine!
Here's how that turned out:

And then, I had this incredible fabric that was just needing to be made into throw pillows that match my living room really well =)  That was really easy!  Surprisingly so!  And I LOVED it!!!  Something about being at my sewing machine just feels right!!  I'm sad that, at age 34, I'm just now giving this a try.  But, nevertheless, here I am and I'm loving it!!
Here's the pillows:

So, next on  my list is to actually try to make some articles of clothing... I'm sure I will use my daughter as a Guinea pig, but ya know...
I have already had an addiction with making hairbows... Now I'm branching out with other hair accessories as well. ... I've always loved anything VINTAGE, so it is only natural that I try out vintage style hair accessories...which, by the way, people are loving!!!  So, I'm definitely making much, much more of those... I've even created another blog  Check it out and follow me there =)
Here's an example:


Also my to-do list, LEARNING HOW TO KNIT!!!  YES!!!! I LOVE the look of anything that is knitted, so that is my next crafty thing to tackle.  There is actually a lady who told me she would teach me the basics, so I'm totally going to take her up on the offer!! So excited about that!

So, 2011 looks like a year of craftiness for me!  I'm I'm totally excited about it!!   I have a lot of things in my mind that I want to try out and also some projects that I want to tackle... Any ideas on other crafts or projects I should try out?  I would love to know about them!!  I would also love to see what others are making =)  So, share, share, share... also, any suggestions of other craft blogs, I'm all ears!!  I heart blogs!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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