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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take a deep breath and count to three (1, 2, 3...)

I have a six and three year old (boy and girl respectively) and they pretty much fight like cats and dogs.  Call it sibling rivalry if you will... I have no idea WHAT to call it!!!  I'm constantly trying to find what works in helping them learn to get along.  I try to enforce the "Count to Three" method, but with little success.  They jump straight to anger and the fight begins!!!  I will continue to plod along and find what works best for these guys and hope that one day they will get along without killing each other or driving me crazy in the process...
I recently had to implement the "Count to Three" method in my own life... on more than one occasion.  First of all, we are in the Christmas season, "peace on earth, good will to men"  all the happy, cheery, lovey, holiday cheer spirit being spread around like butter on a fat man's biscuit.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT!!!!  I think it should be this way all year around.  But, sometimes it is really HARD to keep in the spirit of things when people totally relax on their standards of business practices and think that a jolly "Merry Christmas" will make it all better.
To assure you that I'm not being all "BAH HUMBUG", let me explain what I've been through this past week.  First of all, I'm a teacher at a local preschool.  I love my students!!!  AND I love that I get a paycheck that I am able to deposit directly into our savings account.  I have been direct depositing my paycheck for the past two years.  All of a sudden, my last paycheck goes MIA.  I give it a couple of days because I know things can happen...but on the second day of grace, I begin to wonder if I'm going to get paid, so I call.  After an investigation into the matter, it is determined that my check did not get deposited because the CPA had my information wrong.  WHY DID HE CHANGE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE you may ask... I HAVE NO IDEA!!! 
I finally get things sorted with the proper sources and then realize that the check only has one signature when it was supposed to have two.  So, I'm on the adventure to find the second signature... LONG STORY...yes... Needless to say, I finally was able to deposit my check.  No one seemed to understand why this little hour episode upset me at CHRISTMAS time!!!  I DON'T CARE IF IT IS EASTER, HALLOWEEN OR EVEN HARE KRISHNA!!!!  IT UPSET ME!!!!
After the episode of the amazing paycheck adventure, I find out that a Christmas present that I ordered from a direct sales company two weeks ago is on back order.  WHY, I ask, could I NOT know that at the time of ordering?!!  I was so incredibly pleased with myself for having all of my Christmas shopping done early (or at least, early for me).  If I would have known, I could have chosen something else... SIGH.  One more thing to throw a kink in my "trying to have it all together" this Christmas season.  So, a plan B had to quickly be implemented.
On both occasions, I had to stop and remind myself to "count to three" before totally losing my temper.  Then I smiled, and returned the wish of "Merry Christmas" and pretended that I lived in a land of sugar plum fairies and all was merry and bright!
Being a mom has it's own stresses.  Being a mom that is trying to have it together, organize, be on top of it, multitasker, teacher, house-hold manager, etc, etc... can be VERY STRESSFUL!!!  If you are walking in my shoes, I feel for you sister!!!  We live a very exciting life.  STRESSFUL, but yet rewarding.  And in those times that actually taking a deep breath and counting to three keeps us from totally falling to pieces and making a fool of ourselves really works, it's a good day.  A very good day.

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