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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho! Here We Go...

I'm still here!!  I have not gone AWOL or MIA or any other sort of military acronym... I'm still here!!
I had recently tried my hand at "mobile blogging" and it doesn't seem to like me... I actually sent an update from my phone and on my phone's part it said it was successful...but it's nowhere to be found here online... That update is just floating out there somewhere in cyberspace.
So, I did make the ATTEMPT to update my blog, technology just was not cooperating!!
I don't always have time to actually sit down at the computer and type away, so I figured mobile blogging would be perfect!!!  I will definitely have to work the kinks out (if I can) and try again in the near future.
On another note, Christmas festivities are in full swing here on the home front.  Parties and Plays and Programs and dinners and lots of lots of sweeties and energetic kiddos!!!!!! ... WHEW!  But it is fun!  I will keep reminding myself of that... "It IS fun"!! 
Just finished this school semester out with one kiddo, Monday we will finish the school semester out for my other and then it is all the family planned festivities left on the agenda!   Holidays can be so BUSY!!!!   I will need a vacation to recover from this Holiday "Break" (I use the term "break" with tongue in cheek).

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