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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is in the air ... BRING ON THE STRESS!!!

Oh, I love Christmas time. Everything smells of cinnamon, the Christmas elevator music is playing everywhere, paper cuts from wrapping paper, keeping the kiddos outta their presents.... Love it!!
Ok, Ok, so I don't mean to sound all BA HUM BUG, but wow!!!! Why does this time of year have to be so STRESSFUL?!!!! Today, I have made a new law in the Land of Kandy (Kandyland so to speak, hee hee) Stress is to be checked at the door! I'm not going to stress about making sure all the kiddos have learned their lines for our Church Christmas Play, I'm not going to stress that all of the Christmas presents haven't purchased yet, I'm not going to stress that we have been short-handed at school and I have already snapped at one fellow teacher because of it, I'm not going to stress about ANYTHING (to the best of my ability)! I can't help it, I always include a disclosure to everything (insert rolly eyes here @@).
'Tis the season to be jolly!! And I can't be JOLLY and STRESSED all at the same time! So, whether that means Yoga/meditation in the mornings, or just good, old fashion PRAYING, GOD HELP ME, PLEASE ...CONTINUALLY throughout the day, I'm going to do whatever it takes to make the rest of December STRESS-FREE!! I really don't believe when Baby Jesus was laying in that manger, he meant for this season to become the most stressful of the year. So, who am I to make it so?! I'm going to CHILL-AX and enjoy the season for what it is... PEACE ON EARTH!!!
The presents will get bought, the lines will get memorized (hopefully <--fine print, sorry), school will go on, and it will be a time for JOY!
It's really a decision. You have to decide! And I have decided!! =)
Merry Christmas!

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