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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chicken/Avacado Wrap

Ok, I was hungry for something and didn't know what it was... DANGEROUS!!!! Those can be the days that you want to eat everything in the kitchen and still not get satisfied!!! So, I took inventory of what I had in the kitchen (good place to start) and decided I wanted something wrapped in a tortilla. This was after fighting the urge to find whatever I could find and DEEP FRY it!!! Not good.
So, I took out a chicken breast (boneless/skinless) and decided on some type of chicken wrap...what happened next was pretty spectacular!!
So, here is what I came up with... variations can be made to suit your taste buds...

1 chicken breast : sliced into stripes and grilled
1 avocado : I smashed mine up and added salt and lemon juice, but you could just add slices if you would like...
1/4 Red Bell Pepper : sliced
1/2 Roma Tomato : diced
Cheese : whatever suits your fancy.. I used provolone and Monterrey jack... it's what I had in the fridge LOL
Wrap it all in a tortilla or wrap of your choice and be prepared to enjoy!!

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