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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I LOVE Spring Break!!  I'm so glad that I'm a teacher so I can enjoy this fabulous week with my kiddos!!  AND I feel so sorry for my husband because he doesn't =(
This is only day two of Spring Break and this is the second day that we have slept until 10:00 AM.  One word: GLORIOUS!!   Wow!  Just to not even have to worry about the alarm clock or getting up at a certain time; it's really a beautiful thing.  We may pay for it after the week is over and none of us want to get up for school next week, but ya know, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 
I have been busy, though... My little, bitty Etsy Shop is doing well for it's first week... First week on Etsy, I had 3 sales!!  I'm happy!!!  And my Facebook Fan page has been pulling in lots of publicity and sales.  I am really blown away by how much it has taken off.  I also bought some pretty fabric and some patterns of little girls' clothes that I'm going to tackle this week.  I have NEVER sewn clothes, so this is new, exciting territory for me!!  My daughter is excited about the prospect of Mama-Made, new clothes!
My husband and I also tackled another project with making hair bow/headband holders.  He is a crafty wood worker, so he cuts out the plaque of wood and paints it then I stencil it... Here's a pic of our first one in the making:  I still need a lot more practice with the stenciling...
This one will be for Kensey, my daughter... she is really EXCITED about it!!!
Along that line, stenciling is harder than it seems... AHHHHHH!!!!  I'd never stenciled anything with paint before and we had to sand down and start over twice on this little piece of wood.  If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, right?!? 
Also, my son has started baseball practice.   He is so excited about coach pitch this year.  It's really a step up from T-Ball and he is STOKED!  He LOVES baseball.   Their team is called the "Yankees" which I'm sure will go over really great here in Texas,but ya know, I think it's cute.  And my New Yorker husband LOVES IT!! 
So, on the second day of Spring Break I will report that all is going well and we are enjoying it to the fullest with fun crafts, trying new things and baseball!!  Ahhhh, GLORIOUS!

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randa said...

I don't approve of Kaiden's team name...however I do need to come watch the little guy play sometime. Wouldthe team be offended if I just can't muster up the strength to yell "Go Yankees"?

Kandy said...

LOL... I knew you would have a little issue with the name of the Team this year... But, I do think it's kind of cute... RANGERS was already taken hee hee

You should totally make it to one of his games... HE would LOVE That!!
Just yell for "Kaiden" LOL